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Dixons Broadgreen Academy

Return in September - Year 7, Year 12 and Year 13 students return to the academy on Monday 2 September. Gates open at 8am. Year 8 - Year 11 students will return on Tuesday 3 September. Gates open at 8am. Full uniform expectations will apply. Students will receive their timetable on their return.


Please note all enquires relating to admissions or transfers into or out of the academy should be directed to DBAadmissions@dixonsba.com

Year 7 intake in September 2024

If you have not yet applied for a year 7 place, please visit this Council webpage for further information and a link to the late application form.

Year 7 intake in September 2025

Applications to the Academy should be made via the local authority (Council) common application form (CAF). You will need to name the Academy as one of your school preferences on that form. More information about the application process and a link to the form will be available on the Council website in September. The deadline for applications is 31 October 2024.

If you live outside of the Liverpool area, you will need to apply via your own local authority’s website.

The published admission number for this Academy is 210.

If there are more applications than places available, the places will be filled in line with the oversubscription criteria. For full details of the admissions arrangements, including the criteria, please read the Admissions and Appeals Policy (available from the Downloads section below).

If you are applying for a place under the 'Exceptional medical or social need' oversubscription criteria, please click here for details of what is required.

Further information about the Academy can be found on this website or by contacting the Academy via our contact form or telephone: 0151 332 6770

Open Event

Details of open events will be published in the banner at the top of the website.

In-year admissions (Years 7 to 11)

The funding agreement for the Academy dictates how many students it will be funded for in total. The Academy plans its operations such as staffing, timetabling, and provision of resources based on the funding received; this equates to the following provision:

There are 210[1] places in each year group.

Where vacancies occur, places are not offered based on the length of time children have been on the list but are filled in coordination with the local authorities and in line with the oversubscription criteria. It is, therefore, possible that a child may be added to the list who qualifies more highly within the criteria than children already on the list because each time a child is added, the list will be ranked again in line with the published oversubscription criteria. Looked after children, previously looked after children, and those allocated a place at the Academy in accordance with a Fair Access Protocol take precedence over those on a waiting list.

If you wish to move your child from another secondary school within Liverpool to the Academy, please speak to your child's current school to instigate an in-year transfer. Your child’s school will then contact the Academy to see if a place is available and advise you of the outcome.

If you are new to the city, your child attends a school in another local authority, or your child is returning from home education, please apply via Liverpool City Council School Admissions website or contact the Council on 0151 233 3006.

[1] Year 10 was capped at 180 in the academic year 2023-24 to reflect the hours available for specialist teaching staff. It will remain capped at 180 when those students move to year 11 i.e. for the academic year 2024-25

Sixth form

There are a total of 200 places in sixth form (years 12 & 13); with 100 places specifically for Year 12. Year 11 students at the Academy who meet the required entry criteria, can progress automatically into Year 12. The PAN for external applications is 10.

The Academy will accordingly admit up to 10 children if sufficient applications are received. If fewer of the Academy’s Year 11 students progress to Post 16, additional external applicants who meet the required entry criteria will be admitted up to the overall Year 12 capacity.

Applications for the sixth form should be made directly to the Academy. For details of courses and how to apply, please click here.

Please note that students who wish to pursue a course delivered by RARE Studio, must apply and audition directly. The RARE website can be found here.


In-year applications can be made at any time during the two-year programme. However, since the introduction of linear A Levels it is more difficult for students to transfer after the start of teaching. Space may not be available in all the subjects chosen, so students who apply for a place in the Sixth Form may have to choose an alternative course. Applications should be made directly to the Academy.

DBA Admissions Appeals Policy 2025 26 (PDF)
Admissions Appeals Policy 2024 25 (PDF)
Admissions Appeals Policy 2023 24 (PDF)