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Dixons Broadgreen Academy

Return in September - Year 7, Year 12 and Year 13 students return to the academy on Monday 2 September. Gates open at 8am. Year 8 - Year 11 students will return on Tuesday 3 September. Gates open at 8am. Full uniform expectations will apply. Students will receive their timetable on their return.

Head Student Elections This Week!

Posted 10th July 2023

Our candidates for Head Student are in the final stages of their campaigns!

After a gruelling process in which students were required to complete a written application and take part in an interview, we have six excellent candidates for Head Student. The candidates are currently in the process of delivering their campaign pitch to all year groups within Morning Meeting. They will then take part in an election hustings today, Monday 10th July.

The election itself will take place on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 12th July. We eagerly await the outcome and best of luck to all candidates!