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Dixons Broadgreen Academy

As a precautionary measure, we have closed off some areas of school due to RAAC. The school will remain open. There will be no impact on learning. Students and staff are safe on site. Please contact the school on 0151 228 6800 or email info@dixonsba.com with queries.

Learning Habits: Positive Responses

Posted 11th May 2022

This term we are launching our 5th Learning Habit: Positive Response. This ensures that students follow instructions respectfully and can raise anything they feel is unfair appropriately by speaking in the right way and at the right time.

One of our values is to ‘Be Fair.’ Consequently, it is right that our students should receive adequate information and guidance to support them in meeting the very highest expectations. Therefore, orientation for Positive Response will begin on the 9th of May and will last a full week. This will ensure students are sufficiently aware of why the habit is important and what is expected.

From 16th May, students not meeting the expectation can be given corrections.

For more information about all our Learning Habits, please watch Mr Samy giving a clear overview by clicking this link.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s Head of Year.