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Teaching Training Partnership With Edge Hill

Posted 4th July 2023

We continue to be proud of our involvement in teacher training, preparing the teachers of tomorrow for the challenges ahead. We have recently received feedback from the Faculty of Education at Edge Hill regarding our role in the teacher training process and it is shown below -

"The Faculty of Education partnership across Dixons Trust schools continues to grow from strength to strength. Schools across the trust have provide fantastic placement opportunities for our Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Trainees and we’re also keen to provide opportunities for Dixons Trust schools and pupils to engage with partnership activities on campus and in school. Dixons Broadgreen have supported 2 ITT Trainees this year and Clare, an Edge Hill Link Tutor working closely with the departments at school has said -

‘Thank you all for the fabulous support that you have given to Hope during her introductory placement with you at Dixons. She has had many valuable opportunities to observe skilled practitioners in action and then to use what she has learned from you all in the classroom. Thanks to you all, Hope has a really solid foundation for her subsequent placements and future teaching career. I look forward to working with you again!’

As we look towards next year I’m sure the partnership will continue to develop in a positive way."

We are certainly looking forward to the growth and development of our partnership.