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Dixons Broadgreen Academy

Return in September - Year 7, Year 12 and Year 13 students return to the academy on Monday 2 September. Gates open at 8am. Year 8 - Year 11 students will return on Tuesday 3 September. Gates open at 8am. Full uniform expectations will apply. Students will receive their timetable on their return.

Deaf Resource Base (DRB)

Welcome to the Secondary Deaf Resource Base (DRB) which is part of Liverpool Sensory Service (Liverpool City Council).

Aim: Our aim is to ensure that pupils are fully included in all aspects of school life (socially, emotionally and educationally). Preparing them for the next phase of life with confidence and independence!

What we do:

We support children by meeting their individual needs – we regularly review the support with children to ensure that they are happy and feel supported in all areas of their school life.

  1. Some of our pupils communicate using their first language of BSL (British Sign Language is an official UK language – more than 70,000 people use BSL).
  2. Some wear hearing aids and use BSL.
  3. Some use a combination of BSL, hearing aids and Radio Aid equipment to help them access spoken information/ environmental sounds in the classroom.
  4. The DRB offer regular checks (audiology) for hearing aid wearers and all pupils are encouraged to come to the DRB if they have any problems with hearing aids/radio aids.

School curriculum:

Where appropriate, all pupils follow the mainstream curriculum. Pupils may also access a more personalised/individualised curriculum to consolidate and reinforce learning and enable progress.

Interventions in the DRB may include:

Tutorials with Qualified Teachers of the Deaf (QToD) and highly experienced Communication Support Workers (CSW) and Learning Support Assistants (LSA).

Tutorials focus on pre/post Tutoring for all curriculum subjects – DRB and mainstream teachers liaise regularly to identify targets for interventions. Regular language assessments identify key target areas which are incorporated into individual pupil Learning Support Plans (LSPs).

Support also includes ensuring that pupils have access to exams in line with exam board access arrangements standards.

Speech and Language Therapy is provided by a highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist who liaises with DRB staff to discuss and share targets.

Functional skills are incorporated into the Tutorials alongside NDCS interventions i.e. Working Memory, Literacy and Numeracy resources.

Liaison with external agencies including: Deaf Active, Deaf CAMHS and NDCS other Secondary Deaf Resource providers i.e. Castleford Academy and Heathlands School for Deaf children

The DRB Team:

DRB Manager – Secondary Lead Teacher of the Deaf

Ms Rhian Collinson

Teacher of the Deaf

Mrs Heather Briscoe

BSL Tutor/ Deaf Educational Instructor

Mrs Nicola McCabe

Communication Support Workers (CSW) –

Mr Stu Heron
Mrs Ailsa Howells
Mr Paul Hennessey
Mrs Lynn Farr

Sensory Service-Learning Support Assistants (LSA)

Ms Claire Hughes
Ms Laura Walker

Highly Specialised Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT)

Mrs Ellen Swann

DRB contact details:


0151 254 6844 / 07526 201 671